⭐️ i-TALENT ROUND 10 | Sketch of Tattoo | Octopus


naideth2 months ago

You can not imagine how famous octopuses are in tattoos.

Greetings friends art lovers, thank you very much in advance for visiting my blog. Today I am participating in the "i-TALENT | ROUND 10" contest organized by @ivan.atman, powered by @gtg and @curie. HERE you will find the link to the contest.

It's my first time here ... and I'm very excited to show you my art. The following drawing is about an octopus that is in the depths but the drawing in general has out of the ordinary elements that are autumn leaves, something strange but I think they work very well, lately I'm doing tattoos style drawings (this really fascinates). I made it on cardboard and with an ink pen. I hope you like it and good luck to all the participants.



Many thanks to all for visiting my blog.

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