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shibasaki2 months ago

Hello everyone,
Today I am posting two watercolor paintings.

It has been hot these days. I went to the lake to do a sketch.

It was a wonderful place with a small lake. It rained the day before, but it was a sunny and beautiful sky spreading on that day. I looked at the ground. The puddle that remained there was shining with the mountain green reflected. I took a walk and looked for a place to sketch.

There was a small cottage near the lake. Into the cottage and looked out of the window. The lake seen from between the trees was so beautiful that I decided to draw a sketch.

Lakeside 1

I use the technique of wet-on-wet to draw a distant mountain. The trees nearby use a dry brush, and add more colors to the top of the color. Of course, the important part of the lake uses white of the paper. This place is cool and I forgot the heat of summer.

Lakeside 2

I moved to paint the next picture. There was a small road around the lake, and I started drawing sketch there.

Draw a water surface that can be seen from between the trees. There is a white birch trees that looks thick and powerful in the foreground and there are winding tree around. They had a very interesting balance. Because the tree in the foreground is a shade, expresses it by a cold color.

This is “Latest video” from my YouTube channel “Watercolor by Shibasaki”.

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