iTalent Round 10- "Lyn Slater"


sweettais2 months ago

Hello! Today I want to show my drawing for the italent art contest.
I painted a portrait Lyn Slater, because this woman very inspired to me.

The story of 63-year-old Lin Slater is like a modern fairy tale- she is a sociology professor from New York which is happened to be at the right place at the right time during New York Fashion Week. Photographers began to surround her, assuming she must be someone important in fashion and the later them published this photos with the signature "The Most Stylish Personality". After that, Lin started the blog in instagram- "Accidental Icon" which is in a short time became extremely popular.
Now she has more than 200 thousand subscribers.
Here is what Lin wrote in his blog: "About me":

“Was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what I call ‘interesting but ordinary lives in cities’. Women (like me) who are not famous or celebrities but are smart, creative, fashion forward, fit, thoughtful, engaged, related, and most importantly clear and comfortable with who they are... ”

According to Lin, she never takes pictures her clothes, which she would not wear in real life, and encourages women of all ages not to limit themselves to false stereotypes, to experiment with clothes and with their lives.

"I do not take into account my age when I get dressed. Nowadays, the boundaries of whoever and what can become fashionable are absolutely illusory - and that's fine."

That should be why Lin Slater's blog has become so popular- she does not try to look younger than it is, does not create the illusion of "improved reality"
She is smart, stylish, bright, charismatic, educated, erudite and more modern than many 25-year-olds.
And looking at her, you understand: to grow old is not only not scary, but also interesting.
I hope you like my drawing!

Thank you for watching!

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